Sheilah Vargas

Principal Associate
  • Biography


    Sheilah has an extensive experience in arbitration and award annulment proceedings, providing advice to diverse companies from the mining sector, the electricity sector, construction sector and services and consulting sectors. Moreover, she has provided advice in civil, commercial and administrative judicial process to diverse companies. In addition to her experience in arbitration matters, she functions as an individual arbitrator.

    The last year, 2017, she has recognized as a leading lawyer in the dispute resolution area in the Peru, by the magazine Legal 500.

  • Experience


    • Advise in local and international arbitration to diverse companies from the construction, mining, electricity, hydrocarbon and telecom sectors regarding civil and commercial matters.
    • Participated in the defense of the validity of arbitration awards in proceedings of annulment used by companies related the mining, electricity and telecommunications sector. She has provided advice to a foreign company in the annulment proceedings of an arbitration award, successfully annulling the award.
    • Participated in the defense on judicial process to different companies, regarding civil, commercial and administrative matters.
  • Publications


    • "Some notes regarding the disruption of the extinctive prescription. Analysis the case law of Suprem Court " In: The Prescription, Expiry and other exceptions. Lima: Instituto Pacífico, 2018.
    • Participated in the collective work "Civil Proceedings Code commented by the 100 best specialist", Articles 688 a 692-A (Execution Procedures). Arequipa: Editorial Adrus S.R.L. September 2017.
    • "¿Is it possible to query la validity of legal act in a execution public deed judicial process? Regarding to IX Pleno Casatorio". In: Magazine Actualidad Civil. No. 27. September 2016.
    • "Intervention of third parties in the administrative judicial process", Revista del Circulo de Derecho Administrativo. July 2012.
    • Participated in the collective work "Civil Proceedings Code commented by the 100 best specialists", Articles 459-464 (Rebellion). Arequipa: Editorial Adrus S.R.L. January 2012.
    • "Defenses of Unnamed Form and Exceptions", Revista Actualidad Juridica. Volume 196. Lima: Gaceta Juridica, March 2010.
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    • Principal Associate at Estudio Echecopar since January, 2012
    • Associate at Estudio Echecopar since November, 2007.
    • Associate at Estudio Javier de Belaunde Abogados, 2005 - 2006.
    • Partner at Estudio Vargas & Soto Abogados, 2002 - 2005.

    Teaching experience

    Academics Events:

    • Exhibitor at VI International Symposium of Arbitration organized by National and International Arbitration Center in the Lima Chamber of Commerce, in the panel "Relationship between the arbitration and Judicial Brunch", November 27 -28, 2017.
    • Exhibitor at Seminary of Administrative Judicial Process organized by Public Ministry, with the paper "Precautionary Measures and Execution of sentences in the administrative judicial process", December 6 - 7, 2016.
    • Exhibitor at Magisterial Conference of Arbitration organized by Justice Ministry and Human Rights, with the paper "The evidence in the Arbitration", September 26, 2016.


    • Professor, "Administrative contesting's and judicial contesting of administrative decisions". Course of Administrative Law at Program Specialised to Training Arbitrators on State Hiring 2014-I. February 2014.
    • Professor, "Collection lawsuit in the civil judicial process". Course of de Coercive Collection on Supervision National of Taxes Administration. February 2014.


    • Professor, civil procedures law, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – UPC Law School. Semester 2013-II.
    • Professor, civil procedures law, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – UPC Law School. Semester 2011-I.
    • Course Assistant, Civil procedures law, Universidad Pacifico - Law School. Semester 2011-II y 2010-II.