Gonzalo Monge

Senior Associate
  • Biography


    Gonzalo has over five years of experience in constitutional litigation and advisory, legal entities, arbitration and university regulation.

    He actively participates in the defense of clients before the Judicial Authorities and the Constitutional Court in all types of constitutional processes (especially the writ of amparo process), as well as in contentious-administrative processes and arbitration proceedings.

    He also has extensive experience in educational regulation, especially concerning universities, schools, institutes and colleges.                     

    Gonzalo integrates interdisciplinary teams that require a constitutional and procedural constitutional perspective, especially in matters of Administrative Law, Corporate Law and Public International Law.

    Practice focus

    Gonzalo focuses his professional practice on constitutional law and human rights, with experience in advisory and litigation (with special emphasis on writs of amparo processes in all its forms: against judicial resolutions, against self-applicable norms, among others).

    He actively participates in Pro Bono Cases, from advice and consultancy in matters of legal entities (establishment of associations), to complex litigation before the Judicial Authorities.

    As part of his experience in educational regulation, he manages internal issues such as the operation and development of the legal entity, as well as procedures before the SUNEDU, the MINEDU and the Public Registries Office.

  • Experience


    • Successful sponsorship of a person in an amparo process against judicial decisions that declared him an interdict, obtaining a ruling that applied f the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for the first time in Peru. It was a Pro Bono Case.
    • Successful sponsorship of a company in the hydrocarbon sector in "corporate amparo processes" initiated by its shareholders, seeking the non-application of agreements of its General Shareholders' Meeting. It was possible to revert a precautionary measure in favour of the shareholders. In addition, all the claims have been dismissed.
    • Successful sponsorship of a private law company in an amparo process to recover the property of a highly priced real estate asset, unduly confiscated by the State.
    • Successful defense of a Professional Association in an amparo process against judicial resolutions. Against this process, its counterpart initiated an "amparo against amparo" process, which was also defended by the Firm, achieving a unanimous decision by the Constitutional Court in favour of our client.
    • Successful sponsorship of a well-known mining company in a contract settlement arbitration.
    • Successful sponsorship of licensed universities in procedures and administrative procedures before the SUNEDU and the Public Registries.
  • Publications


    • Editor in Chief of THĒMIS-Law Review N° 67 (2015), Special Edition for its 50th Anniversary, dedicated to Constitutional Law as main theme of the publication.
    • Columnist of the "Agnitio" portal of the ADV Editores Association of the University of Lima and Forseti of the Universidad del Pacífico. Regulator contributor of EnfoqueDerecho (THĒMIS Civil Association of the PUCP).
    • MONGE MORALES, Gonzalo J. "Las universidades en el Perú: análisis constitucional y legal desde su condición de personas jurídicas". In: THĒMIS-Law Review N° 72. 2017.
    • MONGE MORALES, Gonzalo J. "Sobre el amparo contra resolución judicial: la importancia de adjuntar copia de la resolución impugnada". In: Diálogo con la Jurisprudencia N° 231. December 2017.
    • MONGE MORALES, Gonzalo J. "La represión de actos homogéneos en los procesos constitucionales". In: Gaceta Constitucional. Volume N° 129. September 2018.
    • MONGE MORALES, Gonzalo J. and LANDA ARROYO, César. "Derechos fundamentales y responsabilidad civil: apuntes constitucionales sobre la reparación del daño". In: CAMPOS GARCÍA, Héctor Augusto y José Luis GABRIEL RIVERA (Coordinators). "La Responsabilidad Civil. De la comparación a la aplicación". Lima: THĒMIS Legal Publishing. 2018.
    • MONGE MORALES, Gonzalo J. y VARGAS GUEVARA, Erick E. "La publicidad estatal como medio de tutela del derecho a la igualdad y no discriminación de los grupos en situación de vulnerabilidad". In: Gaceta Constitucional. Volume N° 132. December 2018.
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    • Fulbright Scholar 2020-2021. Fulbright Commission - J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board of the United States Department of State.


    • Senior associate at Estudio Echecopar since 2020.
    • Associate at Estudio Echecopar. 2016-2020.
    • Legal trainee at Estudio Echecopar. 2012-2015.

    Teaching experience

    Gonzalo combines his professional practice with a strong academic work at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru's Law School:

    • Adjunct Assistant Professor of "Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Interpretation", by Professor Cesar Landa. Since 2019.
    • Adjunct Assistant Professor of "Legal Entities", by Professor Javier de Belaunde. Since 2017.
    • Adjunct Assistant Professor of "Constitutional Procedural Law", by Professor Cesar Landa. Since 2016.
    • Teaching Assistant of "Constitutional Procedural Law", by Professor Cesar Landa. 2015.
    • Teaching Assistant of "Constitutional Law II", by Professor Abraham Siles. 2013-2014.
    • Research Assistant of Professor Abraham Siles. 2011-2012.