Sherin Limas

Senior Associate
  • Biography

    Lawyer specializing in Construction Law and Public Law. She has extensive experience in handling claims in construction projects. She has advised contractors, construction supervisors and public entities in the execution of road infrastructure works, tunnels, sanitation and mining and / or civil buildings.

    She has also practiced in advising on the different dispute resolution mechanisms: mediation, dispute board or panel of adjudicators and arbitrations.

    Among her professional experience, she has successfully sponsored complex arbitrations, derived from public and private contracts in the construction sector, from the perspective of the state and private companies.

  • Experience

    • Advised the Nuevo Olmos Consortium in the execution of Construction Contract N° 02-2016-VIVIENDA-PNC, "Installation of urban road services and installation of drinking water and sewer services of the New City of Olmos", signed with the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, whose final execution amount was S/ 450 million Soles approximately.
    • Sponsored the Consortium in the arbitration for the imposition of an accelerated work schedule, extension of deadlines and other costs, resulting in the recognition of payment in favor of the contractor of approximately S/ 12 million Soles.
    • Advised the Nueva Gambetta Consortium, in the final stage of the settlement of the contract signed with the Regional Government of Callao for the Preparation of the Technical File of the Definitive Study and Execution of Work of the Project "Improvement of Av. Néstor Gambetta Callao”, whose final execution amount was S/ 500 Million Soles approximately.
    • Sponsored the Consortium in the arbitration for the final settlement, obtaining approximately S/ 14 Million Soles as a balance recognition in favor of the Contractor.
    • Advised Saceem, a Uruguayan company member of the Videna Biomedical Consortium, in the execution of the Project “Construction of the Improved Biomedical within the National Sports Village (VIDENA)”, standardized NEC Construction and Engineering contract, Option C – Target Price with Valued Schedule.
    • Advised on the execution of the Concession Contract for the Longitudinal de la Sierra Highway - Section 2: Ciudad de Dios - Cajamarca - Chiple - Cajamarca - Trujillo - Dv. Chilete - Emp. PE-3N, and, mainly, in the stages of Rehabilitation and Improvement and Initial Periodic Maintenance and Operation.
  • Publications

    • “A First Approach to the Execution of Construction Supervision Contracts in Public Projects in Peru”. Ius Et Veritas, 2023. Co-author.
    • Opinion article for AFÍN - Asociación para el Fomento de la Infraestructura Nacional: "¿ What if the remedy is worse than the disease? Fundamental changes in the legal framework for the reactivation of paralyzed works", published in QUINCENARIO magazine No. 308, 2023
    • "Scopes and Challenges of Claims for Loss of Productivity in Construction Contracts in the book Construction, Management and Disputes" by THĒMIS, 2022.
    • "Brief reflections on the path that the implementation of the JRD in public works is seeking to chart", published in Portal Jurídico de Prometheo del Círculo Administrativo de Derecho magazine-PUCP, 2021.
    • “The long-awaited return of the performance Bond in public works contracts” In the Magazine co-edited between the Peruvian Construction Law Society and Law & Society Civil Association N° 55, 2020.
    • “The penalty for personnel change in Construction Supervision Contracts” in Manual de Arbitraje en Contratación Pública magazine. Volume N° 71, Mario Castillo Freyre Arbitration Library and Law & Society.
    • “Legal report to opt for the professional title of Single File lawyer” Published in Panorama Actual del Arbitraje, 2017. "Arbitration Library" Lima: Estudio Mario Castillo Freyre, vol. 49, 2017.
    • "The ghosts that haunt us: Arbitration Judicialization. A latent or overcome problem?”, in Derecho y Sociedad magazine, N° 46, 2016 and in EJ Editores Información Jurídica, 2016.
  • Education

    • International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Module I: Red and Yellow Books
    • CDR Consulting Construction & Dispute Resolution: Specialized workshop: Conflict Management before a Dispute Board
    • ARBANZA Arbitration School: Specialized course in Investment Arbitration and Specialized course in International Arbitration
    • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú: Specialization Course in Dispute Resolution Board in the Construction Sector (JRD), 2019.
    • Universidad Pacífico: Specialization Course in Construction Law and Specialization Course in International and Investment Arbitration, Lima 2018.
    • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Bachelor's Degree, Lima, 2016.
    • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lawyer, Lima, Degree obtained with Magna Cum Laude, 2017.


    • Lima Bar Association (2017)


    • Arbitrator of the International Arbitration Center - Chamber of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru (2020).
    • Peruvian Society of Construction Law (2018).
    • Arbitralwomen (2018).
    • VÍAS PUCP Association (2020).
    • Latin American Association of Construction Law ALDEC (2020).
    • Arbitrator of the Ankawa International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Center (2023).
    • Arbitrator of the International Center for Conflict Analysis and Resolution of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2024).
  • Additional Information


    • Senior Associate at Echecopar (since 2022).
    • Associate at DLA Piper Peru (2018-2022).
    • Lawyer of the Executive Directorate of Provías Nacional (2017).
    • Lawyer of the Provías Nacional Works Management Unit (2016-2017).
    • Intern at CESEL Ingenieros (2015)

    Academic experience

    • Invited speaker at the sixth academic session entitled "The precautionary measure in Arbitration and emergency arbitrator" organized by the Arbitration Studies Group - GEAR of Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.
    • Invited panelist at the I International Arbitration Conference for the panel "Challenges of State Defense Management in Arbitration”, event organized by the Association Ius Et Veritas of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
    • Invited speaker in the Course "The essentials of Public Works on the topic 'Relevant arbitration case studies in public works'", event organized by the Academic Forum Association of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
    • Guest arbitrator in the second stage of the University Arbitration Competition organized by Honduran Young Arbitrators.
    • Invited speaker at the Current issues of Construction Law International Seminar for the presentation on the "Guarantees in Construction contracts" organized by the Peruvian Construction Law Society and Law & Society Civil Association.
    • Invited panelist at the I Public Law Seminar, for the panel "The reactivation of Public Works: comments to DL N°. 1486 and Directive 05-2020”, an event organized by Derecho y Sociedad from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
    • Guest panelist at the IV Course of Contracts and Arbitration: Contracting with the State, for "Practical Workshop on Public Private Partnerships, NEC contracts, FIDIC contracts”; event organized by Derecho y Sociedad from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
    • Invited panelist at the presentation event of the Arbitration Manual in Public Procurement of the Mario Castillo Freyre Arbitration Library, event organized by Derecho y Sociedad from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.