Estudio Echecopar, member firm of Baker McKenzie International, acted as legal counsel for the registration of the stock issued by Holding Bursatil Regional S.A. ("Nuam Exchange") in the Peruvian Capital Markets Public Registry and the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL). This registration constitutes a new milestone in the regional integration of the stock exchanges of Peru, Chile and Colombia. Registration of Nuam Exchange's stock in Peru was necessary in order for Nuam Exchange to proceed with a mandatory tender offer under Peruvian securities regulations triggered as a result of becoming the controlling entity of Grupo BVL S.A.A., parent company of Bolsa de Valores de Lima S.A. and CAVALI S.A. I.C.L.V., which occurred on November 14, 2023. Market capitalization of Nuam Exchange is currently USD 410'313,955.80.

Partner Alonso Miranda and associate Adrian Tovar advised Nuam Exchange throughout the process.