In December 2020, Law N° 31103 was passed, through which tax provisions aimed at reactivating the tourism sector were established. One of these provisions is the creation of the Deferment and/or Fractionation Regime for the tourism sector (RAF-TURISMO in Spanish).

Through the RAF-TURISMO, tourist service providers and/or artisans whose annual net income for the taxable year 2019 does not exceed 2,300 tax units (UIT in Spanish) can request fractionation or deferment of their tax debt, with a reduced interest rate (30% of the default interest rate (TIM in Spanish) that is, 0.27% monthly).

However, through Supreme Decree N° 066-2021-EF, published on April 15, 2021, the following regulatory provisions have been approved for the application of the RAF-TURISMO:

  • It is specified that the balances of a deferment and/or subdivision that can benefit from RAF-Tourism do not include those that correspond to receptions or losses of RAF-TURISMO.
  • The method of calculating the first installment and the monthly installments is determined specifying that the minimum number of installments is two.
  • It is established that the payments made before the issuance of the reception of RAF-TURISMO, will be treated as follows:

    a. If the debt fractioning is approved, the payment made is considered an advance payment of the installments of the fractioning.
    b. If debt fractioning is denied, the payment made is charged against the tax debt included in the application.

It should be noted that the maximum period to qualify for RAF-TURISMO ends on 30 June 2021.

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