The Peruvian Government called for a Public Bid in order to grant the concession for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the "200 kV Reque - Nueva Carhuaquero Transmission Line, substations, lines and associated extensions" and the "Nueva Tumbes Substation - 200/60 kV - 75 MVA and Nueva Tumbes - Tumbes 60 kV Transmission Line" ("the Projects")

The Peruvian Government specified that the bit is aimed to potential national and international investors.

The concession will be granted for a 30-year period as of the Commercial Operation Date of the Projects.

Find below a brief description of the Project:

220 kV Reque - Nueva Carhuaquero Transmission Line


It includes the expansion of the transmission capacity between Chiclayo and Cajamarca, which will make it possible to meet the electricity demand in Northern Peru (in particular in the provinces of Chiclayo and Lambayeque) and an adequate Peru-Ecuador interconnection.


USD 29.8 millones


Nueva Tumbes Substation - 200/60 kV - 75 MVA and Nueva Tumbes - Tumbes 60 kV Transmission Line


It will allow a 58% increase in the transformation capacity to serve the Tumbes electrical system, from the 220 kV system, through the installation of an additional supply point. With this, overloading in SE Zorritos will be avoided from the year 2022, in addition to covering the growth in electricity demand projected for the next 15 years.


USD 7.9 million


The competition factor will be the lowest Total Service Cost. The Total Service Cost is comprised by the sum of the Annual Investment Cost, plus the Annual Cost of Operation and Maintenance of the Projects.

ProInversion expects to award the Project in the third quarter of 2022.

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