PROINVERSIÓN, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MTC), has relaunched the Special Public Tender process for the award of the Radio Spectrum Band projects that will provide and improve the 4G mobile service (telephony and internet) for different communities and areas in Peru.

The operators awarded the new radio spectrum bands will provide public telecommunication services, especially mobile broadband, offering better coverage and greater capacity for data traffic, and increasing the use of 4G technology.

The execution of these projects will encourage investment in infrastructure in areas of the country that currently do not have mobile coverage. This expansion of connectivity will benefit the population by reducing the digital divide between different areas of the country.

PROINVERSIÓN, on behalf of the MTC, has structured the new radio spectrum bands, through the modality of Projects in Assets. The two projects are divided into the following frequencies:

  • Block A of the AWS-3 Band: 15 MHz + 15 MHz, in the 1.750-1.765 MHz and 2.150-2.165 MHz frequency range
  • Block B of the AWS-3 Band: 15 MHz + 15 MHz, in the 1.765-1.780 MHz and 2.165-2.180 MHz frequency range
  • The single block of the 2.3 GHz Band: 30 MHz, in the 2,300-2,330 MHz frequency range

The new stage of bidder prequalification will run until 5 April 2023, and the latest date for consultations on the bases and suggestions to the contracts is 28 February 2023. If you wish to review more documentation on the two projects, we recommend reviewing their website.

If you require further advice on the subject, you can contact us.