In brief

Resolution No. 485-GG-ESSALUD-2022 made it possible to simultaneously submit private medical certificates to obtain a Certificate of Temporary Incapacity for Work (CITT), which is an essential document for the reimbursement of subsidies.

Due to the pandemic, the simultaneous presentation of private medical certificates in exchange for the CITT was authorized. However, this authorization ended on 24 March when Resolution No. 485-GG-ESSALUD-2022 was published.  Therefore, it is again mandatory to present private medical certificates within 30 working days of its issuance for validation and subsequent issuance of the CITT. After the lapse of the 30-day period, the application for CITT or claim for reimbursement will no longer be possible.

The CITT is issued by EsSalud and indicates the type of contingency and the duration of the period of Temporary Incapacity for Work. This document is obtained by initiating the corresponding procedure before EsSalud, which, through its Control Doctors, evaluates and validates the private medical certificates and grants the corresponding CITT. This document is essential to start the subsidy reimbursement procedure before EsSalud.

The regular procedure requires starting the process of obtaining the CITT within a period of 30 working days from the issuance of the private medical certificates. However, through General Management Resolution No. 1063-GG-ESSALUD-2020, published on 22 September 2020, EsSalud authorized the presentation of private medical certificates older than 30 working days during a Health Emergency.

With Resolution No. 485-GG-ESSALUD-2022 , EsSalud revoked the latter resolution, now requiring the presentation of private medical certificates within the regular deadline. It should be noted that files that have been submitted before the validity of this resolution will be processed according to the guidelines in General Management Resolution No. 1063-GG-ESSALUD-2020.

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