27 November 2023[1] is the deadline for owners of tourism activities to notify the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) through the General Directorate of Tourism Development Policies (DGPDT) and the regional government of their jurisdiction if they are carrying out tourism activities without an Environmental Management Instrument (IGA).

Which tourism activities require an IGA?

Tourism activities and projects that started before 1 June 2023 and that may have significant negative environmental impact and/or that are detailed in the following link require an IGA.

What is the procedure to comply?

A communication must be submitted detailing the following:

  • The components built and activities developed or modified without approval, with their location in UTM coordinates (WGS 84).
  • Dated photographs in which the component, modification or activity can be appreciated in all its extent, evidencing its level of implementation.

In the following link we attach the format for initiating the adequacy procedure.

 It can be submitted through the MINCETUR's desk at the head office or through the Virtual Window.

After submitting the communication for the adequacy of ongoing tourism activities, the holder has until 1 June 2026 to adapt its activities through an Environmental Adequacy and Management Program (PAMA) or a Tourism Environmental Adequacy Plan (PAAT), according to the level of impact generated by the ongoing activity.


[1] The Regulation on the Environmental Management of the Tourism Sector — RGAST, approved on 31 May 2023 by Supreme Decree No. 003-2023-MINCETUR, establishes that the owners of ongoing tourism activities must present their corrective-preventive environmental management instrument (PAMA or PAAT) according to the relevant or minor nature of the actual and/or potential negative environmental impact of their activities.