Law No. 31870, published on 12 September 2023, amends Law No. 31336 (National Cancer Law)..

The relevant aspects of this regulation are the following:

  1. The object of the law is limited to "guaranteeing universal and free care and coverage of health services for all oncology patients."
  2. It recognizes that it is the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN) who conducts the National Policy of Fight against Cancer.
  3. It states that INEN may conduct its own acquisitions in order to "avoid the shortage of its pharmacy."
  4. INEN is included within the entities authorized for the "technological renovation of the biomedical equipment and the expansion and improvement of the oncological hospital infrastructure at a national level."
  5. It declares the creation of the National Network of Tumor Banks in charge of the National Institute of Health (INS) in coordination with INEN as a matter of national interest.
  6. INEN is included within the declaration of national interest for its technological strengthening.
  7. Finally, the resources directly collected from INEN will be kept as oncological intangible funds for their execution in INEN.

The regulations of the law must be adapted until 12 October 2023.

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