In brief

On 17 December, the official newspaper El Peruano published Ordinance No. 581-MM, an ordinance that establishes, regulates and promotes conditions for sustainable buildings in the District of Miraflores ("Ordinance"). The main objective of this Ordinance is to regulate the technical criteria for the design and construction of sustainable buildings, and to establish incentives that compensate and reward the construction of buildings that meet the minimum conditions of sustainability. Adherence to the Ordinance is free and voluntary.

Sustainable building projects that adhere to the Ordinance must meet the following sustainability conditions: i) international certification of building sustainability and ii) technical criteria for sustainable design and construction.

In depth

For this purpose, the owner must secure a certain type of Certificate for the Promotion of Sustainable Buildings (CEPRES). Depending on the CEPRES to which the owner of the building is accepted (A, B or C), different incentives are accessible:

  • Increase of roofed area by sustainable construction – This increase may be executed totally or partially over the normative height and, at most, up to the number of additional floors regulated in the Ordinance.
  • Increase of roofed area for public use
  • Reduction of minimum area per housing unit
  • Reduction of minimum number of parking lots

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