In order to allow you to take knowledge of cases that may be of your interest, we provide herein a list of the most recently published notices in connection with the commencement of insolvency proceedings, calls to Creditors' Meetings and winding-up processes started out of the Bankruptcy System. The information provided herein corresponds to the one published in the electronic gazette (Boletín Concursal) of the bankruptcy authority (INDECOPI), or in the official bulletin (boletín oficial) of the Peruvian official gazette (diario El Peruano), as it corresponds*.

(*) Estudio Echecopar, Member Firm of Baker & McKenzie International assums no responsibility for the information contained in this document. The information provided herein must be verified with its official sources: the INDECOPI's electronic gazette, for the case of the initiated insolvency proceedings and calls to Creditors' Meetings; or the Peruvian official gazette, for the case of notices in conection with dissolution and liquidation processes.

1. Initiated Insolvency Proceedings*:


Type of Proceeding

Publication Date



(*) Pursuant to the Peruvian Bankruptcy Law, the creditors of debtors subject to ordinary insolvency proceedings or to preventive insolvency proceedings have 30 business days, from the day following the publication of the commencement of the proceeding, to file their claim registration request. Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 1511 and its Regulations, creditors of debtors subject to an Accelerated Refinancing Proceeding (PARC) have 10 business days from the day following the publication of the commencement of the proceeding, to file their claim registration request.

2.  Calls to Creditors' Meetings*:


Publication Date

Meeting Date (in first call)

Americana de Aviación S.A. en LiquidaciónFebruary 8, 2021April 12, 2021
Constructora Micsa S.A. en LiquidaciónFebruary 8, 2021April 6, 2021
Inmobiliaria Paola S.A.C. en LiquidaciónFebruary 8, 2021March 8, 2021
Inversiones Gran Hotel Bolívar S.A. en LiquidaciónFebruary 8, 2021March 2, 2021

(*) In accordance with the Peruvian Bankruptcy Law, creditors with right to participate in sessions of a Creditors’ Meeting may register representatives ate least 2 business days in advance to the date of the meeting (in first call).

3. Winding-up processes out of the Bankruptcy System*:


Type of Notice

Publication Date


De Zetta Comunicadores del Perú S.A. - EMAWinding-up Agreement (initiation of liquidation)February 6, 2021Julio Manuel Armas Alcalde
Promotora Industrial del Norte S.A.Winding-up Agreement (initiation of liquidation)February 6, 2021Vïctor Alonso Solís Benites
Minera LG Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad LimitadaWinding-up Agreement (initiation of liquidation)February 6, 2021Rocio Herinia Simon Antaya
Tres Ases Escuela de Conductores Integrales S.A.C. en LiquidaciónPost Liquidation Balance SheetFebruary 6, 2021Walther Samir Pasache Panta
LAA Export E.I.R.L.Winding-up Agreement (initiation of liquidation)February 6, 2021Rafael Oscar Acevedo Quispe
Ingeniería Textil Peruana S.A.Post Liquidation Balance SheetFebruary 7, 2021Emilio Ancaya Cortez
Empresa Constructora e Inmobiliaria JS S.A.C.Winding-up Agreement (initiation of liquidation)February 8, 2021Alberto Ignacio Alegría Chinchay
Corporación EXPRO Sociedad Anónima Cerrada "COREXPRO S.A.C."Winding-up Agreement (initiation of liquidation)February 8, 2021Iván Segundo Córdova Martínez

(*) In accordance with the General Corporations Law, the dissolution agreements are published for three consecutive days. This document only includes the first publication made in the official gazette.

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