Importers may continue to use adhesives

INDECOPI's Commission on Dumping, Subsidies and Non-Tariff Trade Barriers ("Commission"), through Resolution No. 012-2022/CDB-INDECOPI ("Resolution"), granted the interim measure requested by various import companies of industrialized food and beverages and the Chamber of Commerce of Lima against the prohibition of the use of adhesives for the posting of advertising warnings on said products.

It may be recalled that the effect of the precautionary measure remains until the INDECOPI Court (second administrative instance) issues its final ruling on the merits of the dispute or revokes it if MINSA decides to appeal it.

The International Commercial & Trade practice is representing the complainant companies in this proceeding.

Some comments on the Resolution:

  • There is a ban on the use of octagon adhesives applied to imported products as of 1 April 2022. Only the companies that complained regarding this procedure (including those affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Lima) may continue to use the adhesives on imported products.
  • The other importing companies, which will be affected by the prohibition of the use of octagon adhesives on their products, may file a new complaint requesting a precautionary measure as a claim.

For more information, you can contact the team that oversees this complaint:

Luis Alonso García

Gonzalo Bernal

Alvaro Gutiérrez