Law No. 31112 ("Law"), which establishes the prior control of corporate concentration operations and a regime of prior approval by INDECOPI of certain acts of corporate concentration, will enter into force on 14 June 2021.

For the purposes of proper application of the Law, INDECOPI has published the following documents:

  • Guidelines for the Calculation of Notification Thresholds: The Law has determined the thresholds that the acts of business concentration must meet in order to be subject to the aforementioned regime. The purpose of these guidelines is to detail the elements that must be considered by economic operators and the authority when calculating the notification thresholds.
  • Standard Notification Form and Simplified Notification Form: The Law establishes two notification regimes for acts of concentration: Ordinary Notification and Simplified Notification. Their use of which depends on the characteristics of the transaction. The purpose of the forms is to order and specify the information that must be provided to INDECOPI in order to request prior authorization.

You can find the documents in the following links:

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