Transfer pricing has captured the attention of taxing authorities worldwide. Rapid changes have been enacted, including new rules, documentation requirements and tax penalties to compel rigorous enforcement, as well as to support and enhance the audit function. The impact of these issues on a multinational company's financial statements, tax planning, and management compensation programs has been dramatic. The drain of a company's internal resources to resolve transfer pricing disputes can be of equal concern.

    Over the years, Baker McKenzie's name has become synonymous with excellence in Latin America transfer pricing planning and compliance. We have been at the forefront of the development, implementation and monitoring of creative transfer pricing policies all around the region. Our practice group brings together an array of skills and unmatched experience in handling the most complex transfer pricing issues in Latin America.

    Moreover, Baker McKenzie's team has expanded to include experienced senior economists and analysts across the globe. The close integration of our lawyers and economists ensures that our clients receive the kind of comprehensive services they require.

    If you are looking for economics and valuation services that are timely, pragmatic and precise, Estudio Echecopar is your choice.

    More than ever, the regulatory challenges of today’s world bring the need for sharp and solid economic analyses that support and strengthen the competitive position of multinational companies. In this context, Estudio Echecopar, as part of Baker McKenzie, has brought together a strong team of economists and financial experts who are able to provide comprehensive economics and valuation services related to a wide array of legal and regulatory matters, such as international tax, mergers and acquisitions, trade and customs, and antitrust.

    With expertise in a broad range of economic and financial matters, we can assist our clients in many areas, including:

    Transfer Pricing

    • Provide economic and financial analytic support for the design and implementation of intercompany transactions in supply chain structures.
    • Transfer pricing documentation projects at a local, regional and global level.
    • Consulting and management of transfer pricing audits.
    • Management and negotiation of advanced pricing agreements and mutual agreement procedures.
    • Legal defense in audits and tax procedures related to the application of transfer pricing rules.

    Financial Valuation

    • Conduct enterprise valuations to assist with M&A transactions and corporate reorganizations.
    • Prepare valuation of intellectual property for purchase, sale or license.
    • Prepare valuations of contracts and contract clauses, including buy-sell agreements, off-take agreements and derivative contracts, among others.


    • Support legal positions regarding antitrust matters with economic and financial analysis.
    • Measure potential effects on industry concentration ratios and substantial economic power derived from prospective M&A transactions.
    • Quantification of damages related to horizontal and vertical monopolistic practices.

    Regulatory Impact Assessment

    • Assessment of the potential economic and financial effects of prospective changes on governmental regulations and public policies at a company, industry or country level.

    International Trade and Customs

    • Analytical support for antidumping cases, including selection of substitute country, dumping margins and current and potential domestic industry damages.
    • Customs valuation analyses in related party transactions.

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