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    The services provided by financial institutions in Peru have been transforming very quickly with the launch of fintech companies and the ability of foreign financial institutions to freely and significantly participate in the financial market (for example, they don't need to be granted any license to make loans in Peru). Regulators have been forced to make substantial efforts to anticipate the permanently innovative services these technology-heavy financial companies have been providing, which do not require significant brick-and-mortar assets to raise funds or human resources to analyze their clients' financial condition and risk profile. In practice, capital requirement has been replaced as the central criteria to assess the soundness of a financial institution by the analysis of the business model that each financial institution develops in an increasingly segmented market — notwithstanding the important work provided by banks and other financial institutions

    We have a long track record in advising on banking and financial regulation to leading local companies and foreign financial institutions in their operations in the country. Our advice span across different fields, including the regulatory aspects, the issuance of debt instruments, the merger or acquisition of financial companies, or when obtaining licenses or authorizations to provide regulated financial services. By being integrated into a global network, and with a strong presence in the world's leading financial centers, such as New York, London or Hong Kong, we can provide comprehensive and integrated service backed by vast experience.

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Principal Associate
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Senior Associate
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Of Counsel
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