Estudio Echecopar has relevant experience in advising on corporate matters and relationships between shareholders and other stakeholders related to corporations. The credibility of their decision-making system is a key factor to build trust in procurement, having an impact on the reduction of their credit-related costs, for example, the interest rate. Our experience has allowed us to understand the corporate governance, its implications, specially focused on the risks that the decision-making process generates to its different participants.

    We have developed a specialized practice in the corporate governance, mainly focused on relationships between shareholders, boards of directors, and other sectors with decision-making power.

    Our advice rests on the analysis of the decision-making structure of the company, taking into account its facts, objectives, and special features. For example, its shareholder structure, the industry where it operates, if it is a listed company, the impact of regulations, its risk matrix, the setting-up of its compliance programs, among others. From that point, we can advise on the distribution of legal rights and liabilities between the different participants of the company (boards of directors, shareholders, managers, etc.).

    In this way, we support business development by establishing structures, means, and processes that allow our clients to achieve their goals through a good use of Corporate Governance.

    Key Contacts

    Javier Tovar
    Of Counsel*
       +51 (1) 618 8550