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    We have developed a global healthcare industry group with regional sub-groups in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The lawyers in our industry group specialize in providing service to global, diversified, healthcare clients and as a result we know what you need and require and as a team we have the capability and experience to assist you in furthering your preeminent leadership position in global diversified healthcare and consumer products.

    • Health and product authorizations: reviewing, preparing, filing and prosecuting different health and product authorizations and notification processes required for the manufacturing, importation, distribution and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and foods. 
    • Advertising and marketing: We advise on regulations, standards and codes of practice relating to marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
    • Clinical trials: We work with clients on legal, contractual and regulatory issues through all phases of clinical trials. 
    • Data privacy: We help assure compliance with data protection and privacy laws, including the observance of informed consent requirements and contractual implementation of confidentiality duties. 
    • Promotion to professionals: We advise on permissible practices regarding marketing to and sponsoring of health professionals. 
    • R&D centers: We help establish R&D centers, including structuring IP ownership, setting up employment invention programs and developing local and cross-border tax and fiscal strategies. 
    • Regulatory compliance: We assist at all stages of compliance, from early stage general operations, licensure, research and clinical trials to marketing. We also defend enforcement actions and investigations. 
    • Biotech initiatives: We advise on financing, acquisitions, spin-offs, strategic alliances, joint ventures, licensing and other collaborations essential to biotech initiatives.
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    Law promoting the acquisition of vaccines by the private sector and other sectors
    Access to Medication, Biological Products and Medical Devices
    Spanish content
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      Band 2: Chambers and Partners — 2020

      "They are competent, have ample knowledge of Peruvian and international regulations and are at the forefront of regulatory initiatives."

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