Founder's Biography

Estudio Echecopar was founded by Luis Echecopar García on January 2, 1950.

Luis Echecopar García was an outstanding lawyer, jurist and university professor, recognized by his extraordinary legal talent and versatility, honesty and professional ethics, simplicity and dedication to work, becoming one of the most renowned and prestigious lawyers in Peru.

He was born in Lima on April 26, 1906 and died on July 14, 1964.

He studied law at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, where he graduated as a lawyer in 1931. In 1945 he obtained a doctorate in Private Law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú with his thesis on Inheritance Law, which was the basis for the book he later published under the same title.

He held important positions such as: Legal Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic in 1946 and 1948, and Minister of Finance and Commerce during the government of José Luis Bustamante y Rivero (1947-1948). He was also Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1951-1953) and Professor Emeritus of that house of studies. He was also a member of the Commissions for the Revision and Restructuring of the Organic Law of the Judiciary in 1963.

In 1947 he received the "Order of the Sun of Peru" in the rank of Grand Officer.

He was the author of important legal works: "Inheritance Law" (1946) and "Legal Regime of Goods in Marriage" (1952), when the Civil Code of 1936 was in force, as well as "The Control of Corporations in the Legislations of Chile, Spain, Switzerland and Peru". In 1999 the first two works were updated by members of Estudio Echecopar to bring them into line with the 1984 Civil Code, as a testimony to our admiration and affection for Dr. Echecopar.

Estudio Echecopar's legal services are based on the values of service vocation, excellence, ethics and loyalty, reflecting the life example left by our founder, Dr. Luis Echecopar García.